Sofia Zitouni works in the field of peace, security and development. She has worked overseas for several years (Cairo, Khartoum, Colombo, Sarajevo, Jerusalem & Hebron). While residing in Sweden since 2018, she still travels in the line of duty.

The photos displayed on this page, tell of some of Sofia’s travels and encounters. Most of them are taken with the aim to display ordinary life and ordinary people in countries that have gone through or are currently affected by conflict. The photos could have been taken anywhere in the world, yet they are captured in often turbulent and difficult environments.

Sofia Zitouni is also the Co-Founder of the Field Photography Collective (FPC) which she created with Fallckolm Cuenca in 2019. After years of working with and documenting peace, security and development around the world, both felt strongly for sharing insights into their work and encounters. FPC was founded in order to tell untold and personal stories - stories that have had an impact on professionals as well as people like you around the world.