In the aftermath of the demonstrations at the Tahir Square in 2011, street art started to appear around the city. There were the women symbolizing the many victims of sexual assault as well as the blue bra that was the only identification of a girl beaten while demonstrating. Most of these images are long gone.

In 2014, yet another presidential elections took place. Egypt had gone through a turbulent time after the "Arab Spring". These pictures were taken while conducting an election observation mission.

Sinnari House (Bayt al-Sinnari) is one of the remaining bourgeois mansions in the district of al-Sayeda Zeinab. It is located in the neighborhood of al-Nasseriya in the dead-end of Monge alley. The house is the property of Ibrahim Katkhuda al-Sinnari. He was a Mamluk of Murad Bek, with Berber origins as reported by al-Jabarti, and his surname refers to the city of Sennar.

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